New Horizons Boutique

High Plains Terrain Inspired Accessories

Why New Horizons?

New Horizons Boutique: A small-batch, handmade boutique business built on self-taught technique and determination in the midst of COVID-19.  Just as every new morning brings a new sunrise, New Horizons pursues new creative goals with each new product. New Horizons draws inspiration from the High-Plains Terrain, and develops tangible products derived from local inspiration. New Horizons Boutique focuses on quality, not quantity. Every piece you choose from this boutique was created with great care. Choose an inspirational accessory-choose a product that inspires growth on your own horizon. 

Who I Am

Lianne Wallace


My interest in jewelry started with plastic beads in third grade. Since then, I've challenged myself to develop skills in handmade jewelry and accessories. I started this entrepreneurial endeavor to prove to myself that a job on my own time could be successful. I chose the name "New Horizons" because I believe everyone has an opportunity to make something beautiful if they pursue inspiration. My inspiration? The people and places that surround me, and my love for the local community.